Cradle Mountain Private Tours


Cradle Mountain private tours are luxury guided tours with your own experienced guide. Let us take you on a tailored journey, to enjoy an ultimate wilderness experience in a world heritage listed area.

Cradle Mountain is located in the Alpine Forests and Central Highlands of Tasmania and forms the northern end of Lake St Clair National Park. This area is one of the most popular natural areas for visitors to Tasmania and delivers an amazing experience that offers a range of scenic walks traversing the unique mountain range and bordering glacial lakes.

This area is a natural wonderland and home to a range of native Australian wildlife including Tasmanian Devils, Quolls, Echidna, Platypus and Wallabies. Whilst enjoying the panoramic landscape and many photo opportunities on our Cradle Mountain Private Tours you can also expect to see a few of these wonderful creatures up close and enjoying their natural habitats.

The breathtaking mountains offer over 20 different guided walking trails, at varying levels of difficulty for experienced hikers and also easier paths for the more relaxed. Our passionate, expert guides can fill your day with activities to suit your fitness levels.





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