Hello my name is Cameron, I am the company director of Australian private tours.
I started guiding and organising private tours at 23yrs old, taking people out in my my mums 4WD.
The business was operating tours in and around Melbourne, Victoria. I guided tourist from all over the world on private day tours to places like the 12 apostles, penguin parade and Yarra Valley wine regions.
However, I feel like I’ve been guiding my whole life. Taking my friends and my family to all my favourite places, outdoor adventures and showing them things that I thought were really great.
As a passionate foodie, adventure seeker, world traveller and someone that enjoys the finer things in life. This industry found me.
The business expanded into snow tours, culture tours and blossomed with a smile and adventure at hand.
It didn’t take long before my area of expertise wanted to expand into new environments. This was the birth of Australian Private Tours.
I travelled for 6 months of each year for 7 years outside of my home town Melbourne. Not just as a tourist, I was living in most of the big cities and major tourist destinations around Australia.
Creating the best network of tourism through Australia was really important to me. Having a team of guides that I know have the passion for there region.
Sight inspecting accommodation options, trying restaurants and attractions so that I have the personal experience and knowledge.
I have reached beyond all the major tourist trails doing extreme things like sailing a yacht for various days through the Whitsundays at the tail end of a cyclone.
My mission is to bring you the best of tourism in Australia. Showing you not only the big sights but the places that are hidden gems to give you a real sense of this diverse and beautiful country.


Our mission is to ensure that the natural beauty that you have all come to see, has a sustainable future. We ensure that the tours and services we run help better the ecosystems and the environment that you will be travelling in. Small differences like taking a sailboat rather than a motorboat or some of our more modern alternatives which include electric powered transportation.


Once an inquiry has been sent, you will be assigned with your own personal travel planner who will work closely with you to learn more about what type of Australian experience you’re after and tailor your trip to suit you. Each consultant assigned to help you plan the perfect Australian holiday is fully qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable about the different locations, tours, experiences, and accommodations across Australia.