Enjoy a fabulous day trip on a luxury yacht to the Great Barrier Reef! Relax and indulge in the tropical climate of Northern Queensland. Immerse your senses in the extreme beauty of the ocean and Islands around the Great Barrier Reef!

On our Great Barrier Reef private tours, you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel among the reef system and feast on delicious food on board. This is the perfect private tour for couples, families, and friends to have a wonderful time in the sun and sea!

We suggest if you’re going to Northern Queensland, to stay in Port Douglas, which is just under an hour North of Cairns. Port Douglas is a little slice of paradise surrounded by coconut and palm trees, resorts, cafes, and tropical rainforests. From Port Douglas marina, you’ll take a big luxury yacht to explore the Great Barrier Reef with a passionate host/guide.

To book this splendid experience, contact us today and we will organise the perfect day for you!

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