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Operating 10 minutes from the Ayers Rock resort and with over 20 years’ experience in the red center of Australia.
As an Australian owned tour business based near Uluru and working alongside the local Aboriginal community, our aim is to immerse you into 50000 years of Australian culture. No gimmicks!

Being a long-term tour operator has resulted in a deep and personal relationship, developed with the local community over decades, where we have been embraced into this community, even engaging in rights of passage, within the community. We are the longest operating guides still based at Ayers Rock Resort, and one of the last operating Australian owned businesses in the area (Obviously the longest running guides are the Anangu). "Help us help you have the experience that is rich, engaged, and a culturally positive exchange that creates benefit for the traditional owners of this land and supports Australian business in a market constantly overtaken by international corporations." Have a chat with us today about your interests so we can plan the perfect outback holiday for you.


We have been privileged to work with local Anangu (Aboriginal) guides. They, along with their families welcome visitors to Anangu lands. Working alongside indigenous community, we strive to influence the younger generations to become guides and work in the tourism field.
Sharing their knowledge of the outback and taking guests to visit some of the most unique places on Earth.
This also directly supports their community for the better.


Our guides are uniquely experienced in the area and have the expertise and language skills to operate as cultural and verbal translators for the Anangu.
The Anangu will learn 4 languages in their lifetime before they learn English and we offer you that bridge.
To walk this land with Anangu on tour brings home the truth and wonder of the great rock as experienced by the people who have been around it the longest and know it the best.
Anangu guides will be subject to booking availability and hosted alongside one of our expert guides.

How Will This Help

Support the Indigenous Community

Ensure the younger generations can educate visitors about their cultural stories

Keep the tourism industry in the outback Australian owned and operated

Bring the money back to the community



We can offer flexible touring and create experiences based on any interest. From all the major highlights like tours around Uluru ( Ayers Rock) to camping tours, hiking, bush craft and wild eatable tours to extended journeys through the outback’s most scenic regions.


Aboriginal guide: $250 cash on the day.

Tour: co hosted tours are the only way we can bring this product to you. You will also need to select this tour in order to make a booking. link - ULURU AYERS ROCK


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