Great Barrier Reef Private Tour


Take a private luxury yacht and sail throughout the beautiful islands on our Great Barrier Reef Private Tour. Experience a tour designed for indulgence and which will satisfy even the most discerning traveller.

Whether you are looking to relax and be pampered or to simply spoil that special person in your life with a romantic getaway, our Great Barrier Reef Private Tour can be tailored to ensure you enjoy the ultimate luxury holiday. The Great Barrier Reef is a fascinating place with a rich variety of marine life that is not to be missed!

Visit secluded beaches, to swim or snorkel and explore this underwater paradise. Whatever your pleasure, our Great Barrier Reef Private Tour provides a variety of options to either be pampered or to enjoy a nature-based adventure in luxury and style.

We have a number of options for you to explore the Great Barrier Reef- with a private yacht charter, or private sea plane tour. As the Great Barrier Reef stretches a long way through Tropical North Queensland, we can customise a private charter tour anywhere between the Whitsundays and Port Douglas. We can arrange luxury accommodation, gourmet meals, exclusive touring vehicles, with craft experienced Great Barrier Reef Private Tour Guides.


Great Barrier Reef Private Yacht Charter

Great Barrier Reef Private Yacht Charter

Hire a private yacht on your Great Barrier Reef private tour.

Green Island

Green Island

Visit Green Island on a private tour to the Great Barrier Reef.

Paradise in Whitsundays

Paradise in Whitsundays

Visit the Great Barrier Reef from Whitsundays up to Port Douglas.

Islands of the Great Barrier Reef

Islands of the Great Barrier Reef

Enjoy paradise, Island hopping the Great Barrier Reef!

Alternative Options

Scuba Diving

Clear-view Ocean Kayaking

Port Douglas Private Tour

Whitsundays Yacht Charter


Please send us through your booking request for more information on rates. We ensure each tour is tailored, so if you have any requirements or alterations with this region please send us details in the space provided below.


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