Port Arthur Private Tour


Take the opportunity to experience the rich history of early English settlement and convict life on our ever popular Port Arthur Private Tour.

Port Arthur is one of Australia’s most important heritage sites and located on the scenic Tasman Peninsula. Enjoy a boat cruise to the Isle of the Dead, which is a graveyard located on a small island next to Port Arthur and explore the ruins of the old buildings.

There are a large number of after-dark group tours which are extremely popular – and given its history, they offer a very popular first encounter with this old establishment. Your Port Arthur Private Tour can also be customised to suit your exact requirements and interests, such as the Paranormal Investigation Experience, which is an exclusive, adults-only tour offered on the last Saturday of every month. The tour commences at 7PM in winter and 9PM in summer and lasts approximately three hours.

Proposed Itinerary

Join the 40 minute introductory walking tour of Port Arthur.

20 minute Harbour Cruise.

Visit Isle of the Dead Cemetery or Point Puer’s Boys’ Prison.

Enjoy lunch at the Historic Museum Restaurant.


Wander through:

  • Penitentiary
  • The Commandant’s House
  • The Military Precinct
  • The Hospital
  • The Separate Prison
  • The Asylum
  • Civil Officers’ Row
  • Convict Church



Port Arthur

Port Arthur

Historic Tasmania

Historic Tasmania

Port Arthur

Port Arthur

Alternative Options

A lantern-lit ghost tour at Australia's most haunted historic convict site


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